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And to search for methods of the  vermin annihilation without killing beneficial garden creatures.


Unromantic Gardening

Aphids are attacking the following plants in my garden: roses, Amaranthus caudatus, chard, viburnum, jasmine, common elder, cherry trees, apple trees, pear trees, currants and chrysanthemum leucanthemum. I used grinded soft soap dissolved in water to kill aphids. It is effective and eco-friendly method. But I discovered that soapy spray destroys ladybirds also.

I am thinking now whether garlic spray harms ladybirds.

Hundreds of Works

To be pleased with garden, it is necessary  to care about it continuously.

Aphides are attacking some plants. Then leaves are curling. Grinded soft soap dissolved in water is a good substance to fight vermin.

I picked a few leaves of the pea tree with worms so that they should not spread.

It is necessary to take care of the cut trunk on which a few flowers grow.

The vegetable beds become  overgrown with weeds.

And hundreds of other works are awaiting to be done. The works of love to garden.