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“In being present to what is, we have the best chance of being the most resourceful, because we are awake. In acceptance we can turn the power of being awake towards the most appropriate actions in harmony with the world around us.”
Acceptance: A Doorway to Creativity and Transformation by Magdalena Bak-Maier


Life has a rhythm. Put yourself into the middle of it, whether it’s sitting in a café, standing on a corner of a street or walking along a rural village country lane. Allow yourself to feel the energy that is present all around you. The sun. The air. The sounds that surround you. Smells. Transient plants. Stable, solid trees. Passing cars. Buses. People on foot. The birds… Count the multitude of objects and life forms that are all part of your world: one world. They are all rich with wisdom awaiting their chance to dance with you.”
Acceptance: A Doorway to Creativity and Transformation by Magdalena Bak-Maier


“In the process, I realized that the things I thought I wanted (and still want) come at their own time and that the richest gift is not what I seek, but the process that is taking me towards it.”
What You Seek Is Seeking You by Magdalena Bak-Maier

Stork on the Roof

“In ancient times scarcely any matter out of the ordinary was undertaken, even in private life, without first consulting the auspices”
On Divination by Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Birds began twittering beneath the window and in the tree tops, the mist in the garden cleared away, and now everything was gilded by the spring sunlight, everything seemed to be smiling. In a short time the whole garden, warmed by the caresses of the sun, had sprung to life, and drops of dew gleamed like diamonds on the leaves of the trees. And the old, neglected garden was young and gay for that one morning.”
The Betrothed  by Anton Chekhov

Late-blooming Tulips

Late-blooming Tulips


About Gratitude

One day the Supreme Being took it into his head to give a great banquet in his palace of azure.

All the virtues were invited. Only the virtues… men he did not ask… only ladies.

There were a great many of them, great and small. The lesser virtues were more agreeable and genial than the great ones; but they all appeared in good humour, and chatted amiably together, as was only becoming for near
relations and friends.

But the Supreme Being noticed two charming ladies who seemed to be totally unacquainted.

The Host gave one of the ladies his arm and led her up to the other.

‘Beneficence!’ he said, indicating the first.

‘Gratitude!’ he added, indicating the second.

Both the virtues were amazed beyond expression; ever since the world had stood, and it had been standing a long time, this was the first time they had met.

The Banquet of the Supreme Being by Ivan Turgenev

About Earth’s Own Force

“For my part, however, it is not merely the thing produced, but the earth’s own force and natural productiveness that delight me. For received in its bosom the seed scattered broadcast upon it, softened and broken up, she first keeps it concealed therein (…); next, when it has been warmed by her heat and close pressure, she splits it open and draws from it the greenery of the blade.
On Old Age by Marcus Tullius Cicero