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To prevent snails from invading vegetable garden.


Arugula Blossom

“What do people think about it?” – How often that perfidious thought has power over us.

The thought “What does God think about it” occurs sporadically.

Each bloom has four petals

Each bloom has four petals

About Herbs

Herbs can be used for sweet and savory dishes, for herbal teas and for bathing.


Herbal teas taste better if they are flavoured with cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, cloves, fennel, juniper or ginger.

Salvia Scarlea

Weed or no weed?

“nettles, green and thick as hemp”
A House of Gentlefolk by Ivan Turgenev

Flowering Catnip

Ground Frost and Clary Sage

Garden in September


Early cloudy morning


Cosmos still blooming,


Rhubarb luxuriates.

Pears under the old pear tree.

Late blooming gladiolus.

Rudbeckia is beautiful even after flowering.


Fried zucchini, fried potatoes and fresh tomatoes for dinner.

Green tomato chutney

I got antonovka apples from my relatives and stewed apples with sugar.

My own invented recipe for “Rosa Rugosa Poetry Jam”:

60 dag rose hips
120 dag antonovka apples
2 chilli peppers
a handful of lemon basil
75 dag sugar
600 ml water

Method preparation
Remove the seeds from rose hips. Boil water and sugar until sugar dissolves completely. Place rose hips, chilli peppers and apples into this syrup. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to simmer. Cook until fruit are soft and mashable. Add chopped basil and cook again for 20 minutes.

And my cat.

Salvia Officcinalis

Sage retains its beautiful colour in September.

Garden in July

Cucumbers and cucumber seasoning




Random combinations of plants

savory and borage

dill and lemon balm

overblown garden cress and hyssop

Hyssopus officinalis and insects


The cat on the hunt