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Late flowering tulips



Unfortunately, the garlic chives are neglected.

Blooming horseradish

Flowering catmint

Flowering lamb’s lettuce

Lonely decorative garlic amongst larkspur

The lily of the valley pressed between other flowers is begging for replanting and emphasing.


The hornbeam is discolouring.

When the hedge grows, the cat will not be able to move freely amongst tangled up hornbeam wood.

The municipal-country cat is afraid of country cats. When in vicinity an aggressive cat appears, she hides in thickets.


Hundreds of Works

To be pleased with garden, it is necessary  to care about it continuously.

Aphides are attacking some plants. Then leaves are curling. Grinded soft soap dissolved in water is a good substance to fight vermin.

I picked a few leaves of the pea tree with worms so that they should not spread.

It is necessary to take care of the cut trunk on which a few flowers grow.

The vegetable beds become  overgrown with weeds.

And hundreds of other works are awaiting to be done. The works of love to garden.

What Pleasing to My Eye in Garden

The different shades of green


The texture of the hornbeam leaf

The young curled fern leaves

The old apple tree

The blooming young apple tree

The smell of freshly-cut grass

The singing birds

The squirming cat between patches

Garden in May

I have not yet developed uniform methods of planting vegetables. I plant without mulching and use straw to cover the surface of the garden soil.

And now I present more colourful elements of my garden.

Mini cherry orchard is made up of 6 cherry trees.

Blooming strawberry

Purple forget-me-not

Blue forget-me-not

The small delicate tree needs the reliable mainstay.

Narcissus and pansies which have grown without my intervention.

Sweetberry Honeysuckle

Blooming Rhubarb


Flowering Almond



The weed or wild herbs?

Small hornbeam trees from which the hedge will be formed.

The garden is surrounded by meadow with dandelions on two sides.

On Yellow

I read in the magazine about gardens: We can remove stigmas and stamens of tulips at the beginning of flowering in order to improve the quality of bulbs. At first I was excited with the fact that I can affect the quality of tulips. When a sunlit tulip opened, I looked into its sappy and pithy calyx. I must admit, I had no heart to perform an operation on the plant. It will be beautiful without my interference.

Boundless Nature

The spring turned out to be not only the time of sowing and planting, but also harvesting. In autumn I left the part of vegetables on field. They did not freeze under the snow feather quilt. Now they are fresh, hard and juicy.

Spring at Last

The warmth emerges. The snow rapidly melted. Plants, which bravely forced their way through the layer of the snow, look rather poorly. But how they are delighting the eye.

About Peas

Last year I planted peas at the end of March. Crops were without worms. Peas should be sowing very early so that they are not worm-eaten. In June pea moth lay eggs in the floral cup.  So the later this plant is sowing the higher probability that it will be  worm-eaten.

Now I cannot plant it in frozen and snowy ground. Despite these barriers, I am sure I will not use any chemicals sprays. I will seek alternative solutions and not apply pesticides to solving problems.

Waiting for Spring

The winter is still lasting.

The cat has a need for plucking the grass occasionally. Unfortunately, she must wait for the weather to change.

Wait for all that green.

Now she has to please herself with indoor mini garden.

Waiting for Summer

It has been three years since I and my husband bought neglected  estate in the village. Much work has been done during these years but effects are not marked. Only in summer, when plants are growing, some places in my garden are beautiful. But it has been well-thought-out and mindful decision to acquire dilapidated estate. We prefer to have something to transform during all life rather than have nothing except of free time.

I am not expert in gardening. My garden is to be a composition of my work and natural resources.

Now spring is delayed in my place. Snow is lying on the ground. The temperature is below zero. Let us look at sun-warmed pictures from last summers.