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Colours in November Garden




Drying Peppers


Autumn Flowers and Grasses

Garden in October

The peppers do not tolerate night frosts. So they were uprooted and now are ripening nicely in the barn. They will be fit for drying.

Many leaves to rake up.

Cabbage for sauerkraut. My cabbage is without toxic substances. I used natural methods (garlic extract and soft soap) to protect against cabbage pests. But how totally protect, for me there are large areas that still remain unexplored. This year I planted so much cabbage that despite the pests, it is enough for processing.

Carrots for sauerkraut.


Miscanthus sinensis

Decorative pumpkins

Cherry tree and virginia creeper

Cynara cardunculus is growing poorly in our climate.

Rosa rugosa

My husband is trying to make rustic fence from wicker.

Pear Sauce with Lemon and Cloves

Pickled Bell Pepper with Honey

Chilli Pepper in Oil

It’s cold outside.

And hot pepper, and hot oil in the kitchen.